A walnut looks like a brain. Walnuts, which are really essential for brain health, are very healthy if not consumed too much. Thanks to vitamins B1, B2 and B3 it includes, eating walnut and walnut oil helps skin to stay smooth and healthy. Walnut oil is important for brain and decreases the effects subject to aging.

Eating walnut decreases the level of bad cholesterol

According to scientific studies, eating walnut regularly decreases the level of bad cholesterol and protects cardiac veins. Walnuts ensure veins to be flexible and blood flow to continue healthily. As such, it prevents hypertension. However, experts recommend eating 3-4 walnuts daily and 3-4 tablespoons of walnut oil.
According to scientific researches conducted in Penn State, Tufts University and Pennsylvania University, eating walnuts regularly decreases the level of bad cholesterol significantly.

Here are the other benefits of walnuts

  • Thanks to the magnesium in them, walnuts increase the functions of mind. They are highly useful for a lot of diseases, such as eczema and Alzheimer.
  • Walnuts prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • They help to clean the blood.
    They are used in the process of treatment of patients with diabetes.
  • Walnuts have fatty acids, which prevent heart diseases and prostate cancer.
  • They are effective in the disposal of intestinal gas.
  • They are effective in the development of intelligence of children.
  • They regulate the heartbeat.
  • They play an active role in healing the digestive system disorders.
  • Walnuts have silver ions, which are very necessary for the brain. As such, they are vital for people from every age
  • They are good for tiredness and weariness.
  • They are effective against vascular occlusion.
  • They keep the body fit and give strength.

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